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PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL Toll Free 1-877-DENTMAN ***Leader in Quality Paintless Dent Removal*** Paintless Dent Removal or PDR is the process of removing dents small and large from vehicles that are made of carbon steel or aluminum. It is also used on motorcycles, airplanes, and even appliances. PDR was born when metal became thinner and paint finishes became incredibly flexible. That combination allows a trained technician to 'lift' the dented area while preserving the original finish! NO PAINTING, NO FILLER, NO LARGE EXPENSE, NO KIDDING. But beware, bad pdr spoils beautiful finishes. Count on our reputation for excellence and service.

Geographic Area

Servicing demanding customers in NY, NJ, CT, PA

Line of Business

Motorized Vehicle > Auto Maintenance and Repair Services > Mobile Automobile Services

Products And Services

DENTMANŽ provides excellence in paintless dent removal. For nearly twenty years we have served dealerships, body shops and car owners. Our excellent reputation precedes our repairs and is continually recommended to others.

Additional Information

Don't be deceived. Bad paintless 'repairs' spoil beautiful paint finishes. Demand and expect experience and know-how from a Leader in Quality PDR! ... facebook Copy & paste: Twitter DENTMANpdr

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